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Over the Moon(cake)

1 Oct

September 19th was the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated by Chinese communities with lanterns and the giving and eating of mooncakes, round pastries traditionally filled with sweet bean or lotus pastes which could be considered the Chinese equivalent of fruitcake.

Durian Snowskin Mooncake

Behold, the most Asian thing I’ve eaten

The gift-giving aspect of mooncakes has led to something of an arms race in the packaging and novelty-flavor factor. Mooncakes come in resplendent boxes (we’re using one of them, actually a little chest of drawers, to store Mr. SOK’s cuff links) and are offered in ever more exotic flavors; non-Chinese franchises like StarbucksHäagen-Dazs, and Godiva have gotten in on the action with modern offerings like chocolate fillings and ice cream mooncakes.

The original “modern” mooncake is the snowskin mooncake, which is actually a cousin of mochi ice cream: an ice cream filling is surrounded by a soft, slightly sticky wrapper made with glutinous rice flour. Although buying your own mooncake is kind of like throwing yourself a shower, I had to get the Hello Kitty durian snowskin mooncake, which I think is the most Asian food item I’ve had.

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Hello Kitty Wine

17 Jan

Just the thing to serve at your Hello Kitty-themed wedding.

Or, if you want to BYOB to the Hello Kitty restaurant (which I will definitely be paying a visit to):

I didn’t feel like paying thirty bucks for novelty’s sake, so I have no idea if the wine is any good, but I did notice that Kitty-chan is importing her booze from Italy, so it’s probably at least drinkable. And it’s definitely going to be the cutest wine in the cellar.