Dr. Frank-N-Furter

29 Jul

My trip to the US entailed spending a lot of time at the Frankfurt airport — 6 hours on the way there, 8 hours on the way back. With a baby. There are, certainly, worse airports to while away the day — LAX comes to mind — but Frankfurt is no Changi. Or even Schipol (which, I hear, has excellent facilities for keeping your kids entertained). The biggest problem is that you have to go through passport control when exiting the terminal, so unless you’re willing to go through all the security, you’re kind of stuck. (I was actually game, but the nice man at the Lufthansa counter strongly advised against it, and I figured he knew what he was talking about.) On top of this, the Lufthansa lounge had no day passes, so I couldn’t even pay to get in. At least there were showers (though only Euros or USD are accepted, which is problematic when flying in from Malaysia.) And the free airport wifi only lasts 30 minutes!

So Baby and I spent a lot of time at various eateries to pass the time. I missed out on having an actual frankfurter because the sausage cart closed at a random time — seemingly a common occurrence — but I did get to try a few other specialties. The terminal I was stuck in had a lovely, airy restaurant called Deutsch that was open at the godawful time (6 AM) we arrived, and the baby miraculously went back to sleep, so I enjoyed a traditional Frankfurt breakfast of scrambled eggs with tiny, tiny shrimp, whose name I cannot for the life of me remember, and Google is of no help either. I do remember it was K—frühstück (which just means “breakfast”). Oh well, at least I remembered to take a photo:

Frankfurt breakfastThe eggs were nothing special, despite the eensy shrimp, but the accompanying brown bread was delicious: dense, nutty, a little sour.

I liked Deutsch well enough that I came back for lunch on my flight back:

Green herb soupThis was also billed as a Frankfurt specialty, a spring soup made with herbs and garnished with salmon. I was excited until I had a spoonful and realized the “green herbs” were probably spinach. Still, tasty and light. Too bad it didn’t come with bread.

Of course, I got hungry again before my 8 hours were up, and the sausage cart was inexplicably closed, so I ended up at the McDonald’s. I actually enjoy going to McDonald’s in other parts of the world to sample their specialties, and I’d never been to a German McD’s. (McRib lovers note: it appears to be a permanent menu item in Deutschland.) Alas, there was no McBier, but they did have some special “Mein Burger” creations on the menu. Apparently these were part of a campaign celebrating 40 years of Mekkes in Germany, where people got to vote for fan-submitted creations; five finalists were featured in McDonald’s across Germany. I had the McVicky Tsatsiki; you can view other finalists on this YouTube channel.

McVicky Tsatsiki(You can tell I was hungry because I took a bite before I realized I should take a photo.) From my limited knowledge of German, and the photo on the menu, I gathered that this sandwich featured a pork cutlet (schweinefleisch!) and tsatsiki sauce. Tasty, right? Sort of. First, the baguette-like bun was really dry and crumbled under my fingers; second, the cutlet thingy was made with pulled pork — sort of like an elongated Pork McNugget — and, again, dry. I had better luck with the Balisto McFlurry. I had no idea what a Balisto was until I wrote this post (it’s kind of like a chocolate-covered granola bar), but I can tell you that it worked in a McFlurry. Plus now I know what the bits of dried fruit were all about.

Germany-loving readers: do you know the proper name for the scrambled-eggs-with-tiny-shrimp? Did I totally miss out by not having sausages? Tell me in the comments!



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