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Dr. Frank-N-Furter

29 Jul

My trip to the US entailed spending a lot of time at the Frankfurt airport — 6 hours on the way there, 8 hours on the way back. With a baby. There are, certainly, worse airports to while away the day — LAX comes to mind — but Frankfurt is no Changi. Or even Schipol (which, I hear, has excellent facilities for keeping your kids entertained). The biggest problem is that you have to go through passport control when exiting the terminal, so unless you’re willing to go through all the security, you’re kind of stuck. (I was actually game, but the nice man at the Lufthansa counter strongly advised against it, and I figured he knew what he was talking about.) On top of this, the Lufthansa lounge had no day passes, so I couldn’t even pay to get in. At least there were showers (though only Euros or USD are accepted, which is problematic when flying in from Malaysia.) And the free airport wifi only lasts 30 minutes!

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Lobstah! (And other delights)

18 Jul

I’ve finally recovered from the epic Tour de Bèbè, our whirlwind visit to the US spanning from Boston to Michigan to Chicago to downstate Illinois. Traveling with a baby meant our dining choices were dictated by convenience, but I did manage to have some spectacular meals. Unfortunately, I was so busy with baby that I forgot to take photos half the time. I’m thinking specifically of when I took my parents to The Bristol, where a longtime friend has found his calling as a manager. (Ironically, when I first met him he was quite the picky eater, but living with me broadened his food horizons, which were further expanded by his now-husband.) In my defense, the restaurant was so dark that the photos wouldn’t have turned out anyway, but still…

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