Let’s blow this popsicle stand

20 May

OMG, the baby is asleep! Quick, write a blog post!

Potong popsicle stand

In Malaysia, the icy treat we know as a popsicle is called an ais krim potong (literally, chopped ice cream). For whatever reason, they’re usually round — maybe they’re made in the same molds as tube ice? — and come in classic flavors like red bean, yam, and black mochi rice. (What can I say, Asians do sweets a little bit differently.)

As in the West (plus Australia), someone has decided to do an artisan/hipster take on the lowly potong in KL, and they’re calling themselves — what else? — The Potong. (That’s their adorably twee popsicle cart above.) The coconut chocolate flavor appears to be the crowd favorite, as it’s always sold out, but I’m always drawn to their seasonal flavors like pineapple chili.

Potong popsicle

It’s all about the packaging.

Their most recent line, for spring, featured floral flavors; I tried the lychee with rose water. I was a little nervous because rose water confections often taste like soap, but the floral notes were pretty subdued; the orange zest tended to dominate the more subtle flavors of the lychee and the rose. Still, it’s hard to resist such a poetic combination. The Potong, I’m looking forward to your summer collection.


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