Durian Popcorn

10 Jul

Last week, I was clearing out our cupboards and came across a bag of goodies we got from some mall event. It was full of nostalgic snack foods — nostalgic, that is, for Malaysians. There were a lot of garishly colored tidbits that seemed relatively edible. When I asked Tom if he wanted to take it in to his office (for the kids, of course), his response was, “Is any of this actually food?”

Among these was a bag of something labeled “durian popcorn.” First, it wasn’t popcorn; it was some sort of corn puff, like Kix. Second, it was disgusting. Like spit-it-out disgusting. Now, I am on record as enjoying durian, both in fresh form and as a component of things like donuts and cream puffs. These crunchy monstrosities did not taste like durian, they tasted like sewage. Or maybe putrefying gasoline. I can’t deny that durian has some of these elements, but in somehow a good way. Although I will have to give this to durian popcorn: it’s the foulest thing I’ve put in my mouth in a long time. Unfortunately, in our haste to get this abomination out of the house, I forgot to take a photo. I think there was something innocuous on the package like corn.

To summarize: avoid durian popcorn like the plague it is, and go have some real durian instead.


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