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Eine Kleine McRibster

12 Mar

I can’t believe I was actually at a McDonalds in Austria (don’t judge me, it was a train station and the McDonalds was right there) and I didn’t eat this. Apparently it’s the winner of a burger contest called Mein Burger, proving yet again that everything sounds more ominous in German. (For example: the German for pork is “Schweinefleische,” which I can only say with the most ridiculous Frau Blücher accent, even in my head.) The sandwich is a deep-fried McRib topped with honey-mustard sauce, chili sauce, bacon, and cheese, sort of a wienerschnitzel on a bun. Between this and the fancy pastries at the McCafè — they’ve got “McCarons”! — it seems even more unfair that Austrians remain so svelte. Unfortunately, the McRibster is only on sale until the end of March, so I’ve missed my one chance. If there are any (Schweinefleische-eating) SOK readers visiting Austria, do try it out and let me know how awesome it was.