A thousand words

9 Jun

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a distinct improvement in the quality of the photos. That’s because we finally got around to getting a new camera, after our old DSLR had an unfortunate encounter with a river in Langkawi.

I’m not even going to pretend that this post is anything more than a collection of cheesecake shots of my recent meals (no actual cheesecake is involved, as we were too full from frites and mussels to have dessert). Seriously, how great does this bowl of soup look?

(That’s a Belgian — not French — onion soup, made with Flemish ale.)

Or this pot of mussels?

Or this entire meal?

This is from our anniversary dinner, at a restaurant called Cafedraal, hidden away in one of those medieval courtyards. From the upper left, there’s an amuse-bouche of sea trout, smoked eel (New Thing #1), filet of John Dory with risotto, and bouillabaisse (New Thing #2). (That’s right. I’d never had bouillabaisse before, despite my love of both sea creatures and soup.) As you may have guessed, Cafedraal specializes in seafood.

We couldn’t have asked for better ambiance — a beautiful spring evening, cobblestone courtyard, people talking in French. I don’t know if anyone else remembers those ads for Bella Sera wines (“It’s going to be a beautiful evening…or as they say in Italy, it’s going to be a ‘bella sera'”), but it was a little like that, except with better wine. But don’t take my word for it, as we have photographic proof (and another opportunity to show off the new camera):

I rest my case.


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