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Phuket (again): Airport Surprise

17 Jun

We celebrated Tom’s birthday this past weekend at Khao Lak, a beach town in Thailand north of Phuket.

Birthday lobster (unrelated to the post, but great photo, no?)

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A thousand words

9 Jun

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a distinct improvement in the quality of the photos. That’s because we finally got around to getting a new camera, after our old DSLR had an unfortunate encounter with a river in Langkawi.

I’m not even going to pretend that this post is anything more than a collection of cheesecake shots of my recent meals (no actual cheesecake is involved, as we were too full from frites and mussels to have dessert). Seriously, how great does this bowl of soup look?

(That’s a Belgian — not French — onion soup, made with Flemish ale.)

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The Accidental Sneukeltourist

6 Jun

If you’ve seen the movie In Bruges, let me assure you: it’s true. Bruges is picturesque beyond belief.

No, I didn't just scan in a postcard.

And they’ve got great food and great beer! It’s like my own personal Euro Disney.

We arrived late on a Friday night, which happened to coincide with the beginning of Meifeest (May Fest). There was a big carnival, complete with lights and rides, plunked in one of the town squares, and drunken (but non-threatening) teenagers wandering the streets. And, of course, carnival food, which gave us the opportunity to try out two of Belgium’s specialties in their natural habitat, as it were.

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The best, and maybe rarest, beer in the world.

4 Jun

A montage of beer. Clockwise from left: Piraat, Leffe Blonde and Brun, and Belgoo and Westvleteren

Along with eating, much of our vacation was dotted with beer breaks, because Belgium:beer::France:wine. The most notable beers we consumed were at Cambrinus, a bierbrasserie named after the “King of Beer” and serving over 300 varieties, including the ultra-rare Westvleteren. Why so rare? It’s a Trappist ale that’s not brewed for commercial distribution, and thus can only be purchased at the abbey store, or an establishment whose owner has gone and purchased it at the abbey store. Think of it as the Belgian equivalent to Dark Lord. And it’s the best beer in the world.

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