Le Snacking/Het Snacken*

28 May

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m finally ready to blog my sneukeltour across Europe (or at least, a small portion of Europe). (Incidentally, a sneukeltour is Flemish for a trip devoted to eating and drinking. Which is what my vacation kind of turned out to be.)

I’m kicking off the series the same way I kicked off the vacation, with a beer and some porky snacks.

Train nibbles

Of course, this being the Eurostar, the can of beer is Leffe and the meat bits are tiny, bite-sized salamis. Trust Europeans to class up the Slim Jim.

Next stop on the sneukeltour: SOK eats and drinks through the fairy-tale city of Bruges.

*In honor of Belgium’s bilingualism, I’ve titled the post in French and Flemish. Or rather Dutch, because Google Translate doesn’t have Flemish as an option.


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