Japanese Kit Kats: Cherry Blossom and “Adult” Flavors

14 Feb

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would do a post on chocolate — specifically, Kit Kats that I picked up in Narita on my way to Hawaii. As has been documented all over the internet, Kit Kats markets a dizzying array of flavors in Japan, including Coca-Cola, shoyu, cheese…and those are just the flavors that a non-Japanese might recognize. (I’m not even sure how to translate kinako, one of the flavors, except as “toasted soybean powder,” which sounds horribly unappetizing. That seems to be a theme with Asian food in general, really, as anyone who’s looked at a direct translation of a Chinese menu knows.)

I decided to get cherry blossom green tea (limited edition for spring), “adult” chocolate, and wasabi.

Food styling courtesy of my mom

The packaging is nice, with the spring-like green-and-pink color scheme. And the Kit Kat itself was a promising shade of green. (Green = tea flavor, of course.) Unfortunately, the first bite disappointed. The package does say that the cherry blossom scent is “subtle,” but I would call it “undetectable” — as is any green tea flavor. Mostly, it just tasted of wafer and white chocolate. And it wasn’t just my dull palate; my mom was equally underwhelmed.

Rated "R" for, um, "restraint"

Next up was the “mature” Kit Kat. No, nothing naughty; rather, the “adult” refers to the fact that they use dark chocolate. Also, the calorie information is printed on the front of the package, which is a very grown-up thing.

Kit Kat, full exposure

I’m a dark chocolate fan, so I thought this was pretty tasty; I’d support marketing these in the US. I think they’d be a success, especially with all the attention dark chocolate is getting for its antioxidant properties. (I’m not going to bother with a link, because you’re probably sick of news stories about how “chocolate is good for you!“.) Nothing particularly ground-breaking.

I’m saving the wasabi Kit Kats for a future post. Maybe when they come out with sushi-flavored Kit Kats? (And no, they haven’t come out with those yet. I checked.)


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