Sos Chili

10 Feb

Sos chili (pronounced “sauce chili”; three guesses as to what it means) is the ranch dressing and ketchup of Malaysia. It’s ubiquitous at mamaks, kopitiams, and fast food places. (Apparently, it’s gauche to ask for it at finer restaurants, where they stock the classier Tabasco sauce instead.) McDelivery will give you little packets with your order, though not sos tomato (ketchup); you have to ask for that especially. Like ketchup, the first ingredient listed on a bottle of sos chili is sugar. The second is chilis. It’s not that spicy, though. Imagine a kinder, gentler version of Thai chili sauce.

Apparently Malaysians who have to travel abroad hoard those little packets so they can be assured of their sos chili supply, even in such benighted places as the UK. Maybe they need Undercover Brother’s hot sauce watch?


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