7 Feb

With the Superbowl yesterday (this morning, for me; and yes, I did get up at 8 AM to watch it), it seemed like an appropriate occasion to post about the Prosperity Burger that the McDonalds here has been promoting. So I called up McDelivery and got myself a Prosperity set for dinner. That’s right, McDonalds in Malaysia delivers, so you don’t even need to get in the car for the drive-through. The Prosperity Burger is a seasonal item, like the Shamrock Shake, and its annual appearance for Chinese New Year is much anticipated. Unfortunately, like the Shamrock Shake, the real thing is underwhelming.

A most auspicious Value Meal

I got the chicken version, hoping it would be like the short-lived GCB (grilled, marinated boneless chicken thigh — why couldn’t you bring that back, Mickey D’s?) but it turned out to be chicken patties, like turkey burgers. This was actually less objectionable than one might think, when slathered with the much-hyped black pepper sauce, which tasted like brown gravy that someone dumped half a jar of pepper into. Next time I might try A&W’s version, which is supposed to have mushrooms. (Malaysia is like the Branson of languishing fast food franchises: in addition to A&W, Kenny Roger’s Roasters and Tony Roma’s enjoy a popularity here unimagined in their home country.)

The set came with “twister” fries, which are curly fries by another name, and a Prosperity McFizz, which was basically Orangina. The McFizz was the highlight of the meal: refreshing and not too sweet.

Don’t worry…I had a salad, too. But that didn’t come by McDelivery.


2 Responses to “McProsperity”

  1. Chris Sheets February 8, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    We missed you at the Superbowl gathering we had at our apartment. Although there is more crying in the background at such gatherings these days. Two things:

    1) I wonder what is says about Alberta position in the world when A&W and Tony Roma’s are popular places to eat outside the home?

    2) I would be scared to eat anything McDonald’s would deliver to our apartment in Chicago. Would the delivery person need to have a portable heat lamp in the back of his vehicle so that he can replicate the slightly warmed food one often receives at McDonald’s restaurant?


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