A Cheeseburger in Paradise

12 Jan

My mom took me out to lunch today at The Counter, a burger chain out of California that’s famous for offering a seemingly limitless array of toppings (and made Oprah’s list of favorite burgers). I ate at the Chicago location during my Month of Burgers, although I didn’t get around to writing a post about it.

My mom had been wanting to try the place for a while, and given the dearth of satisfyingly juicy hamburgers in Malaysia, I had a bit of a craving myself. Luckily, The Counter did not disappoint.

The "Counter Burger"

I don’t know if The Counter subscribes to any sort of locavore policy, but I noticed a few key differences on the menu at the Honolulu location. For example, you can get kim chee on your burger. (Which actually sounds pretty tasty. I might have to go back just to try it.) Or you can get a loco moco. And, in addition to the low-carb option of having your burger on salad greens, they offer the high-carb option of having it on a bowl of rice.

Plus, they have Wailana Soda!

Waialua pineapple soda

Waialua Soda is a local (meaning Hawaiian) gourmet soda company based in Waialua, which used to be home to the sugar cane industry on Oahu. Naturally, their sodas only use natural sugar; no high fructose corn syrup here.

A five-dollar milkshake

Naturally, a fancy burger joint from L.A. (fine, Santa Monica) would have to have a five-dollar milkshake (warning: link contains “mature language,” so you may want to avoid clicking on this at work, or in front of your kids). (Also, can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since Pulp Fiction came out? I bet most of the people working at The Counter don’t even get that joke.) It’s a good milkshake, but a little too rich and sweet; I couldn’t finish it.

Anyway, thank you, The Counter, for satisfying my half-year-long burger itch. I only wish your fries were better, but I think the sweet potato fries make up for it. I’ll be back for your kim chee burger.



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