Hong Kong Street Food

26 Sep

Lest you think that all we did in Hong Kong was eat at Michelin-starred restaurants, we also dined at places like this:

Tom picked this place on the strength of the tasty-looking meats in the window. It turned out to be a noodle joint:

Clearly it was somewhere at least kind of well-known, because they had an English menu (sadly, nearly as unintelligible as the Chinese) and a guy toting a Lonely Planet. The noodles were thicker than usual ramen noodles, sort of like linguine, or an egg-and-flour version of pho, and very fresh-tasting: no dried noodles here. (By the way, if the only bowl of ramen you’ve had is Maruchan…I’m sorry. Please try to have a bowl of tonkotsu ramen at your nearest Japanese restaurant, or failing that, get some Chuka Zanmai and follow the directions on the back.)

Due to more restrictive hygiene regulations, Hong Kong does not have street vendors every three steps like KL (although there is a tasty-looking eatery). But we were able to score these:

These are basically waffles. They’re not filled with anything (the difference between Asia and the US, where these would totally have a kreme or jelly filling), but still pretty tasty as a snack. The middle is a bit underdone, so it’s kind of like eating a cross between waffles and pancakes.

Here’s an action shot:

Combine this with the aroma of fresh waffles wafting onto the sidewalk: how could you not stop? This is why street vendors always have big fans.


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