Spicy Sambal Pizza

26 Aug

Does pizza count as a New Thing? One of the things I like to do in foreign countries is to check out the pizza menu. It’s always fun to see the mash-up of local food tastes and American cuisine. Consider the notorious combinations Japanese pizza places have come up with.

Malaysians love pizza, too, with Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and the misleadingly named Canadian Pizza (the owners are Singaporean) all boasting multiple franchises. The offerings aren’t quite as outré as in Japan, but there are some distinctly Malaysian menu options, like the spicy sambal sauce (think of Thai chili sauce spread on your pizza), and the presence of things like chicken sausage and beef bacon in place of your usual porcine options. We ordered an extra-large Spicay Sambal Pizza from Domino’s.

Because it’s Asia, “extra-large” tops out at 15 inches, which I think is roughly the same size as a personal pan pizza in the US. Toppings were: secret spicy sambal sauce (not all that spicy, actually), chicken, red bell pepper, green onion, and crispy anchovies. Perfect with an ice-cold can of Tiger. I don’t think we’re ordering the creamy tuna with pineapple any time soon, though.


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