SOK Goes to Phuket

25 Aug

Fried whole fish with fried basil leaves

First, it’s pronounced “Poo-ket,” okay? So save your jokes for the Phi Phi Islands.

Anyway, Tom and I decided to celebrate our first real weekend together with a getaway to the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand, which has recovered almost fully from the 2004 tsunami. The only obvious reminders are the tsunami evacuations signs that dot the landscape.

Phuket is a resort area, so the food, while very good, was about as adventurous as resort food gets, meaning no fried crickets. But lots of seafood, which makes sense for an island. There are a number of restaurants where you can pick your entree from a display of fresh fish to be prepared in the manner of your choice.

Fruits of the Andaman Sea

The snapper we picked out was so fresh that it was still alive. We also got some squid, stir-fried Thai-style (pad prik). By the way, if you request something spicy in Thailand, you’re going to be playing “is that green thing a chile or bean?” with your food most of the night, so be warned.

Our seafood dinner

Phuket also touts its lobster, which doesn’t have claws like a Maine lobster, so it’s really just the tail that’s edible.

The lobsters before...

...And after

A trip to Thailand (or any Asian country) wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the street vendor. Or rather, visits to several vendors. (We got some grilled corn after having beer at an Irish bar. It was just like a night in Wrigleyville. Except they don’t call them elotes here.) More impressive was the banana pancake guy, here seen in action:

(By the way, that yellow thing in front is a cone of “butter.”) And the final product:

It’s like a crepe filled with slices of banana and drizzled with condensed milk. Maybe you’ll see them in Wrigleyville next.

Ironically, dinner on the day we came back from Thailand was…Thai food. I guess we were trying to extend the vacation.


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