Char Kway Teow and Pork Mee

19 Aug

Both char kway teow and pork mee are noodle dishes that are practically the national dishes of Malaysia, especially char kway teow. (Sorry, pork mee: you’re too non-halal for most Malaysian establishments.) Go into any restaurant in KL and you’re likely to find char kway teow — even places advertised as Western or Indian.

The flavor is similar to pad see ew, but uses thinner rice noodles like pad thai, and includes bean sprouts and seafood instead of egg and broccoli. It tasted particularly rich, I think thanks to the little crunchy shallots that show up everywhere in Malaysian food. The chilis in the side dish were extremely hot.

Pork mee is more like ramen (and I mean proper ramen, not the stuff that you get can get 10 packages for a dollar for), with a rich, savory pork broth. (Yes, in addition to such culinary contributions as bacon, ham, and ribs, the pig also makes a darn tasty soup. Truly, a magical animal.) The noodles are more like spaghetti than what I’m familiar with as ramen noodles, but it’s probably closer to the Chinese source. The garnishes include minced pork, greens, and fish balls.

We had our lunch in a little “Chinese” cafe, the kind that are all over KL, serving up kopi and kaya toast and char kway teows and other Malaysian classics from a menu that’s usually written on a dry-erase board. It’s a welcome antidote to the uber-trendy restaurants in my neighborhood (even though they serve char kway teow and mee, too).


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