Day 17: The Old-School Burger

6 Aug

I decided to follow Kuma’s with another burger that regularly lands on Chicago’s best lists, and was even in the National Geographic’s “Top 10 of Everything 2009”: Jury’s. In ambience and burger style, Jury’s is about as far on the opposite end of the spectrum from Kuma’s as you can get; it’s all families and old-timers here, the kind of establishment that exists in small towns as the “nice” restaurant. The restaurant is patterned after a hotel in Dublin, and you wouldn’t feel out of place ordering a fry-up here.

The burger is equally traditional: aggressively charred, just a little greasy. The edges were alarmingly even, but the patty didn’t taste rubbery like frozen patties do.

And huzzah for onion rings! I’m a huge onion ring fan; as a child, I preferred Burger King for my very rare fast-food excursions, solely because they had onion rings. I don’t know why more places don’t offer them as an alternative to fries. I especially appreciated it after 16 days of fries.

I don’t know that it’s the best burger in Chicago, let alone the US. But you could do much worse.


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