Day 15: Haute Burger at Sweets & Savories

5 Aug

After last week’s spurning, I was determined to get into Sweets & Savories. This time, I made reservations. Even with a week, I could only get into the 6 pm slot.

But I’m glad I did. Look at this:

Mmm...foie gras and fries.

And this!

Now that's medium.

I have to say, this was one of my favorite burgers thus far. (Don’t worry, Hot Chocolate, I still have love for you.) The S & S burger is described as Kobe beef (really, American Wagyu) with foie gras pate, arugula, and truffle mayo. So rich. Really, less a burger, and more like a riff on beef Wellington. I was expecting the foie to be more pate-like, but it came out as a sort of foie-sauce. The arugula was a nice touch, giving a much-needed pepperiness to cut through all that richness. The truffle mayo (with so much truffle, it was brown, unlike some “truffle” condiments I could name) was completely unnecessary, though I enjoyed it greatly with the completely addictive fries. (Sorry, vegetarians: they’re fried in beef fat. And seasoned with crack.) Truly a satisfying haute-burger experience.

Now I’d like to take a moment now to remind my readers about some restaurant etiquette: it’s bad manners to discuss your recent weight loss in a restaurant. Especially if you’re complaining about how you “accidentally” lost too much weight. Look, the last thing I want to be reminded of while eating a hunk of extra-marbled beef topped with goose fat is its calorie content, okay? Maybe you can just argue about the shocking finale of The Bachelorette or something, and let me grow my posterior in peace.


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