Day 14: Burger and a Beer at Branch 27

4 Aug

I admit it. I’ve become a burger snob.

Branch 27 has a burger-and-beer special for $12 on Tuesdays; seeing as the beer is Bell’s Oberon, this was a no-brainer for me. Apparently they were named one of the best new restaurants of 2010 by Chicago Magazine. Note that it’s not best new burger.

I really need to start bringing a real camera for these things. I promise that when I start doing this for real in Malaysia, I’ll take better pictures.

Anyway, the burger: the bun was extra-poufy, almost overwhelming the burger itself. The beer onions (basically carmelized onions) were tasty, but the patty was — dare I say it? — a touch dry, even ordered medium (though it came out more medium well). Really good pickles and fries, though. I like extra-crispy fries, and these delivered; if you’ve had Jack In the Box fries, these were in that line.

So, for $12 (including the beer), not a bad deal. But I would have felt ripped off had I been paying the full $14 for just the burger.

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