Day 13: Burger Nostalgia at Goose Island

2 Aug

Back in the day, when my now-husband first moved to Chicago, we had one thing we’d order at Goose Island: the Stilton Burger with a wedge salad. The menu has changed quite a bit since then — they seem to be following the Hopleaf trend of reinventing themselves as a gastropub — but the burger has stayed. (The salad has not. Too bad. It was a great salad.)

So is it as good as I remembered?

The first big disappointment: no bun! I don’t know if they just haven’t found a source yet for pumpernickel buns. Instead the burger was on two slices of dark rye, like some glorified patty melt. The rest of the components — Stilton cheese, roasted garlic, spicy mustard — were all present, but the patty was thinner than in my memory, and less encrusted in peppercorns, which is key in cutting the richness of the burger.

It’s still a great burger. But it used to be a awesome burger. 

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