Day 8, Fast-food Burger, Fancy-Pants edition: Patty Burger

28 Jul

First, let me just say this to all the super-picky eaters out there, the ones who only eat the same ten meals their entire lives: I don’t know how you do it. I’m only a week into my Month of Burgers, and I’m already getting a little tired of having the same thing every day. Not to mention that having six to eight ounces of beef every day, often accompanied by fries, is a wee bit taxing on the old digestive system. Good thing I’m biking to most of these locations.

I’ve been curious about Patty Burger for a while, but didn’t find myself downtown during lunch hours much back when I had a job. Today I decided to flee my AC- and electricity-less house for the Art Institute for the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit. While a “French” burger would have been a more fitting follow-up, the Camembert burger at The Gage was a little rich for my tastes (the financial ones, not actual taste buds), so Patty Burger it was. The Patty Burger schtick is that they offer “gourmet” burgers (read: lots of toppings) at fast food prices. Or something like that. The burgers are kind of pricey, starting at $4 for a regular burger and going up to almost $6 for the ones with the fancy toppings, and fries are extra. I decided to get the Bluegrass, which has mushrooms, bacon, grilled onions, and cheddar. It also came with red onion, which I thought was redundant. For the sake of my waistline, I forewent the fries and the shake. 

It turned out to be a rather uninspired burger:

I mean, the cheese isn’t even melted!

The burger itself was kind of greasy, despite being more cooked than others I’ve had, and oddly bland. I don’t think it would have had any flavor if it weren’t for the bacon and onions. And I don’t mean just salt; the patty was seriously lacking in the beefiness department. The bun was good, but overall, this was the most boring burger I’ve had so far.

I wish I’d schlepped the extra distance to Epic Burger instead. Hopefully tomorrow’s Kobe burger at Sweets & Savories will make up for it.

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