Day 6: The House-Made Burger

26 Jul

It was finally cool enough to stay in the house today, and perfect grilling weather, so today’s burger was homemade, I mean, housemade:

Patty: 90/10 ground beef, well-done, thanks to all the flare-ups on my grill. The beef is from the overpriced grocery that is the only decent grocery store within walking distance; I don’t know if it’s grass-fed/organic/yada-yada, but at that price I hope it was.

Toppings: Smoked gouda, avocado, tomato, lettuce, grain mustard, and BBQ sauce I had left over from Fat Willy’s

Bun: Pretzel roll, frozen, from the supermarket.

Did it stack up to restaurant burgers?: That was my other challenge. I don’t actually make burgers very often at home, and when I do, it’s usually the Japanese-style hambaagu, which is really a giant meatball and eaten with rice rather than on a bun. This time, I made an American-style patty with nothing but steak seasoning (the secret ingredient is MSG), salt, and pepper, and despite my fears, it neither fell apart nor turned out tough. (It did drip quite a bit, however, so I was greeted with flames when I went to flip it.) However, I can now see the arguments for the fresh-ground quality restaurant patty: my burger didn’t have the same succulence or beefiness of the best burgers I’ve had so far. Still, it’s good to know I can rely on my own powers should I ever want a burger in Malaysia (which, after I’m done with this month, I don’t know I will). 

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