Day 5: a Brunch-y Burger at J Wellington

24 Jul

J Wellington’s is a burger joint about ten minutes from my house and one of the inspirations for the Month of Burgers, since they have seriously good burgers, shakes, and fries that I’m going to miss while I’m gone. The store is named for the burger-loving character from Popeye (last name: Wimpy), and the menu is filled with what I’m guessing are Popeye references, none of which I get.

Like the One-Eyed Runt. I decided to get it since it was my first meal of the day and I figured the bacon and egg made this burger breakfast-esque. (The rest of the toppings are blue cheese and Sriracha mayo.) I rounded out my meal with fries (standing in for hash browns) and a strawberry shake for my fruit/vegetable. No, I have not keeled over from a heart attack. Yet.

I was so hungry that I’d finished about half the burger before I realized I forgot to take a photo. I didn’t think it looked particularly appetizing at that point, so I pulled this off the interwebs instead:

Thanks to the combo of runny egg, mayo, and melted cheese, this is a very messy burger. The J Wellington patty splits the difference between a thin, fast-food style and the thick steakhouse style, so you get a pretty substantial burger that’s still manageable (i.e., you don’t have to unhinge your jaw to get your mouth around it). You can get a wheat bun, but keeping with the healthy eating plan I’d already set I opted for the classic, which is in a challah/egg-bread style that’s soft but still holds up.

And they’ve got mini-burgers. You can get a flight of the five specialty burgers, which is probably too much for one person but good for two (and cheaper than getting two burgers). The cutest part is that they use a quail egg for the mini version of the One-Eye.

Now I’ll have to go to a Wimpy’s to see how it stacks up.

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