Month of Burgers, Day Two: Small Bar

22 Jul

Small Bar has the distinction of the closest place to my house with both A/C and burgers, so I escaped my stifling house for lunch. Luckily, their burgers are delicious.

I remembered to take a photo this time:

The genius of this burger (the Juicy Lucy, a “Minneapolis specialty,” according to the menu) is that the cheese is inside the patty. Further, it’s Merkt’s cheese spread rather than a slice of cheese, so the texture is oozy rather than gooey. Imagine a savory Hostess cupcake, with beef standing in for the cake and cheese for the crème filling.

I also appreciated the quality buns. The last thing you need when tucking into a juicy, cheese-filled hunk of beef is a bun that disintegrates into a soggy mess. This was actually the subject of a story in Oishinbo, a Japanese comic about newspaper writers who change lives for the better through food. Kind of like if Good Eats was turned into a serialized graphic novel. Or something. Anyway, there’s one episode where this guy is trying to open a gourmet burger stand, but he can’t understand why he’s not getting any (repeat) business. Turns out that his cheap, flimsy buns aren’t holding up to the meaty patties, and once he improves the bun, the customers arrive in droves. Since I read this as an impressionable adolescent, I’ve always used the bun as a litmus test.

Next up: Probably this place. (They’ve got truffle fries!) Although it might be hard to pass up the fish tacos.  

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